What is a David Hoff Studio Class?

All Exclusive Fired Arts Education Experience


  • Outstanding Education
  • All painting supplies except ware
  • Lodging in slumber party style
  • Meals
  • Paperwork and misc materials
  • 3 to 4 days of instruction

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Spring Newsletter from David Hoff…..

I am never sure where time flies to but it does get away from me.  This is long overdue and to be sure there is a great deal of information include within.  Also, some very important dates included with newsletter..  So March is upon us and finally we are drying out from the rain.  However, out here in California we have been welcoming the rain and hopefully ending our draught.

Here you will find information on up-coming classes and my schedule.  Please review and sign up as directed.

Class Schedule

Panama  Cruise 2018

Fired Arts Education


David Hoff  Fired Arts Educator