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Fired Arts Instructor David Hoff

How Club David Works

The Club will send you 12 techniques per year.  For those members who attend a house class (if/when they start again) your firing fee of $35.00 will be waived.  Also, since I am working on Zoom classes for everyone, we have decided to give Club David Members a twenty per cent discount (20%) on each Zoom class.  Zoom classes will vary in their pricing due to content and length of time. Granting these discounts over a period time Club David could end up being free to you. 

You may join Club David at any time.  All projects are kept up on the site for the entire year.  Therefore, if you join in May you still have January, February, March, April and continue forward.  Each technique has a color photograph, step by step instruction in two color lines, pattern plain and when needed a detailed pattern and a page protector palette sheet.  Please note, that you may teach the project again on your own however, we request you acknowledge that this a Club David project designed by David Hoff.  We do put the Club David Project in packet form however, for non-members these are $12.00 per technique.  Thus, you have more saving as a member.

More information

This is a subscription service for Fired Art techniques.
Annual fee is $60.00 per year renewable each January.
You can register on line via PayPal, by mail using a check, money order or Visa/Master Card.
Once the registration is complete you will be given a Link to the Club Member Page, you can then download each month’s technique.  A Technique will be added each month and will stay on line for one year.  All members will have the same anniversary renewal date (January 1st).
We use Acrobat to convert the packets, which should make it easy for all computer owners to download the technique packets.  We have a link available to download Acrobat Reader, FREE, if you do not have it.
Memberships are non-transferable and are good for one year. 
We ask that you and you alone use the site, you have paid for it.  Therefore protect your interest and ours by keeping the link private.

Registration Form

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