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Club David

  April 2015

Delicate Spring

Please remember Club David offers you many perks and specials.  Such As:

  • Reduced rates for Webinar Wednesday - go to www.ifiredarts.com to sign up
  • Reduced rates on "Our Favorite Things" Annual Event in Las Vegas NV in January
  • No firing fees when taking a studio house class

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You can Purchase these Techniques and more thru Our online Store

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Studio Classes

Webinar Wednesday

August 19th

December 2nd


Fired Arts Workshops

More Information and Registration
LearnFiredArtscom Online Registration
Color Flier.pdf
Registration Form.pdf

David's Summer Event
July 12 & 13, 2015

Online Registration
Print a Registration Form

Las Vegas - My Favorite Things
January 2016

Guest Instructor to be Announced

Las Vegas - Special One Class

January 2016 Special Added Educational Class to the IADCCT Event
Open to Everyone.

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